Xenia Zampolli


Designs by Xenia

26177 Barkstone Dr
Rancho Palos Verdes California, 90275
Primary Phone: (415) 2388451

Member Profile

Art Media: canvas

Inspired by:

God and Mother Nature 

How I express myself in my art:

I use feathers to emphasize the image's pure visual presence, rather than focusing on the personal creative act of painting. I also feel that feathers imbue a sense of tranquility and give my creations a pulse. The images that transpire through the spiritual silence of meditation are the ones I base my work on. Some contain gradations of iridescence and dwindling color that turns my minimalistic, yet laborious approach into something oddly calming and mesmerizing.

List of art endeavors:

After graduating from  University of Santa Barbara, I started up a small company called Bathroom Evolution. I worked on the raw clay body of toilets and sinks where I was able to carve  and add onto  the raw clay. I was honored  in the Washington Post, and sold to celebrities and high end showrooms and galleries.

Thereafter, I began working with glass and created a line a necklaces. Since 2001, I have continuously been creating new jewelry designs with glass, silver, wood, mother of pearl and semi-precious gems.

In 2005 I started experimenting with feathers as my medium. In 2006 I had a small exhibition at Swallowtail in San Francisco and have been working on new pieces since then.

I am also one of the featured artist in "Art from Ashes"

Link to sample work: There are many

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